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March 14, 2018

Unforeseen Outcomes For an Artificial Democracy or An Old Brazil for the 21st Century

Brazil's apparent economic and political stability in the early 2000s was put into question by recent social protests there, revealing ideological nuances that were unknown to most. Bernardo de Souza analyzes what had been overlooked in Brazil's political and social structure and history that made the protests both surprising and inevitable, and the role that the social, economic and intellectual elites have played in this reconfiguration.

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March 2, 2018

Notes on the Political Power of Performance

Performance, as an ephemeral event that takes shape as an “extra-ordinary present” that causes a temporal rupture, has an intrinsically political nature. However, says Sandra Pinardi, that extra-ordinary, singular present may “[migrate] toward diverse types of materiality that offer it persistence and permanence.” Pinardi provides several examples from contemporary performance to discuss ways in which this shift may affect its political power, putting performance in danger of losing its character as event and becoming spectacle.

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February 26, 2018

The Film 3_Eras

Maria Virginia Jaua's film, "3_Eras", was inspired by the late Spanish philosopher José Luis Brea's book "Las tres eras de la imagen", and reflects on the technical and theoretical circumstances of images and their effect on the production, distribution, reception, and potential of images through three phases of history.

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February 19, 2018

Art, Diasporas and Globalization in Mexico: On the Limits of Instability

José Luis Barrios observes that the intersection of globalization, the social dynamic of capital, and contemporary diasporas have produced "a new configuration of economic and political relations...that makes way for a mode of production best described as neo-slavery." He looks at three artists whose work "traces a certain aesthetic condition of migration...." and calls to account the hegemonic systems of power that generate violence, inequality, and the expropriation of immigrant bodies.

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February 16, 2018

Actions and Reactions in Art and Politics

Ileana Ramírez is organizer of this year's Seminario Fundación Cisneros, "Disruptions," which will focus on connections between art and politics in Latin America through a one-day conference in addition to parallel programming. Additionally, six texts for the CPPC website have been especially commissioned that will augment "Disruptions' themes.

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June 23, 2017

Repoliticizing Modernity: Military Spectacles in Venezuela

Excerpted from her book Spectacular Modernity, Lisa Blackmore’s statement posits that the political, social, and cultural forces that converged to create Venezuela’s “modern spirit” in the mid-20th century unfolded as a spectacle, revealing the spaces, practices, and aspects of life comprising the combined aesthetic and political agenda of its power relations.

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