Art and Ideas from Latin America

Willys de Castro's Active Object (Yellow)

Willys de Castro's Active Object (Yellow), a work that is part of the recent Cisneros' gift to the Museum, marks an important turning point in the artist's shift from Concrete to Neo-Concrete art... More

Artists’ Cities

Carlos Salazar Lermont : Chicago, USA

If you were to be commissioned today to create an artwork “about” this city, briefly describe your proposal.

If I had to make a piece about Chicago I’d imagine a mode of fostering a televised conversation between the people of the working class and the owners of real estate companies

Cite, Site, Sights

Traveler artists who worked in Latin America in the 17th to 19th centuries are often thought of as belonging to discrete national schools. Art historian Katherine Manthorne discusses the ways in which their work in fact occupies a more expansive and fluid internationality. More

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