Érika Ordosgoitti

Erika Ordosgoitti lives and works in Caracas and Bogota. She has a degree in Plastic Arts with a specialty in Mixed Media from the Armando Reverón University Institute of Plastic Arts in Caracas. She has been awarded a number of distinctions like the Young Artist Prize from the MISOL Foundation for the Arts, Bogota, (2014); First Honorable Mention in the Salón SuperCable de Jóvenes con FIA, Caracas (2011); Honorable Mention in the 34th Aragua National Salon of Art, Maracay (2009); and the University Award in the First National Salon of University Art, Caracas (2009). She has exhibited her work in the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogota, as well as in multiple private galleries. She is co-producer and curator of the International Performance Biennial of Caracas, general director of P3 Platform for Performance and director of El Avispero Artist Residency in Venezuela.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2017