Aixa Sánchez

Aixa Sanchez is a journalist, editor, manager, and researcher of contemporary art in Venezuela. She has a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas); has conducted specialized studies in Museology (Universidad Central de Venezuela); and holds a Masters in Literary Studies (UCV). She was the Executive Director of Sala Mendoza (2002–2010) and Associate Director of Oficina #1 (2011–2015). Sanchez served as a researcher at the Alejandro Otero Museumv (2000–2002) and was editor of the Journal Estilo (1992–1999). She was co-editor of the book "Sala Mendoza 1956-2001: 45 Years of Contemporary Art in Venezuela" (2001–2002), among other activities and projects.