Alan Poma

Alan Poma (Peru) is a multidisciplinary sound artist, whose work has focused on creating site-specific projects and spectacles. His presentations often integrate performance, video art, sound art and scientific research, creating productions that provide sensory journeys for viewers.

In recent years he has developed a series of live events and installations that reflect an investigation on the futurist Russian Opera Victory Over the Sun (1913) and the English vorticist play Enemy of the Stars (1914). He has working with an interdisciplinary group of collaborators including anthropologists, historians and physicists. With their input, Poma has raised a close relationship between Russian futurism and Andean culture, drawn from their shared iconographies.

Poma studied Sciences and Arts of Communications at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He has presented Enemy of the Stars installation at MATE Museum (2018) and Victory Over the Sun in several venues in Peru, including the Goethe Institute (2011), MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – Lima (2014), as well as at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City. Victory Over the Sun won the Best Experimental Film Award granted by the Ministerio de Cultura del Peru (Culture Ministry) (2014). In 2017, he participated in a residency at Delfina Foundation (UK) and In 2015 he participated in the Nuevo Teatro Musical residency program organized by the Munich Biennale/Festival de Nuevo Teatro Musical in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Instagram: @alanpoma001

Facebook: La Victoria sobre el Sol

Interview with Florencia Portocarrero