Alberto Baraya

Alberto Baraya is a visual artist. He holds a B.A. from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and a Master’s in Aesthetics and Art Theory from the Universidade Autónoma and Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He has been working as an artist since 1992 in media ranging from photography and video to installation. His work questions the notions of travel, museums, and the exotic as a discourse of cultural vindication. His most extensive project, herbario de plantas artificiales, questions the scientific paradigm and postcolonial societies, and is also a rumination on everyday aesthetic acts. The Herbarium, a large collection in the manner of  botanical expeditions of the eighteenth century, consists of hundreds of specimens of fake plants, made of plastic and cloth (mostly Made in China), which have been collected and photographed around of the world.

La fábula de los pájaros  (The fable of the birds), is a visual fable that investigates the utopias of scientific and aesthetic knowledge, both paradigms of our contemporaneity. In his last expeditions, this artificial naturalist has broadened his spectrum of action, and upset the world of physical anthropology and its interpretations by requesting the people he encounters on his journeys to be measured with the help of the peculiar craneometer. From these Anthropometries he has been obtained a series of photographs that, in the style of the classic ethnographic registers, propose rethinking the hierarchical roles in the encounter between cultures.