Augusto Gerardi

Augusto Gerardi (Caracas, 1989) is an artist and researcher who works with the relation between art, life, politics, and digital media.

Gerardi, who has Bachelor’s degrees in media and sound engineering, recently worked on the digitization of all the video files held by the Sala Mendoza, one of Venezuela’s biggest video archives, whose collection includes a comprehensive history of Venezuelan video art since 1975. Another project he completed was a text for the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros about Imagen de Caracas (1968), one of the biggest multimedia events of the world.

In 2018, Gerardi presented two talks at the Centro de Arte Los Galpones based on his research on two subjects: one about Net.Art in Venezuela and its political dimension, and another about the history of the relationship of art in Venezuela with the computer, and its obliteration. Both areas of research involved finding forgotten or erased projects and their documentation.

Gerardi’s artworks have been exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, and Caracas. He has worked with the European Union and the British Council Venezuela to coordinate a large project called “Busca Tu Espacio,” aimed at reducing violence among young people. There is information about the project in the link below:

Gerardi also produces electronic music. One of his albums was included in "El Bravo Tuky," a book written to recognize an underground culture called Tuky that has faced discrimination. For this work Gerardi used traditional folk music that he recorded while travelling for one year around Venezuela with a team of musicologists to preserve the heritage of folk music. He has also created live cinema sessions to revitalize forgotten films with Nicolás Gerardi. The live cinema sessions were part of several international festivals such as the week of Japan with the Japanese Embassy, and the Hallyu festival with the Korean Embassy in Caracas.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2017