Backroom Caracas

Backroom Caracas is a platform for promoting contemporary art.

We know that there is a secret bond between people and art. Our editorial profile is true to the permissive quality usually found in back rooms, those recondite places that play host to unobserved freedoms and verbal agreements. To reach them, other spaces must be crossed, as if along the way all is revealed and the truth were waiting at the end, on the right. This approach has been a catalyst for dialogue and reflection that gains greater depth in the theory and practice of creative work.

Backroom Caracas is a hybrid platform that houses and shares both in its physical and metaphysical spaces, work generated by national and international artists with a program of exhibitions and the artists' residency La Silla del Diablo. The vitality of its creators and the complicated times that Venezuelans are living, are the ingredients that drive their projects.