Delmar Ulises Méndez-Gómez

Delmar Ulises Méndez-Gómez is a Tseltal documentary filmmaker, essayist, and academic from Chiapas, Mexico. He holds a Master of Communications and Politics from the Metropolitan Autonomous University – Xochimilco. He is a fellow with the CESMECA-UNICACH Observatory on Democracies for southern Mexico and Central America. He is a member of the Young Mexican Researchers’ Network (ReMJI). He has devoted himself to the study of the artistic, communicative and cultural expressions of the ancestral people of Chiapas. Among his recent publications are: “Documentary Practices for Violence against Women in Chiapas” (2018), “Narratives and Memories of the Zapatista National Liberation Army Movement in Documentary Film” (2018), “Alternative Communication Practices in Defense of Life and Territory in Chiapas” (2019), “Ways of Fighting: The Art and Politics of the Ancestral People of Chiapas” (2020) and “Breaking Down Walls: Filmic Narratives of ‘Irregular’ Central American Migrations” (2020). Additionally, he has participated in different documentary film projects including Sonowiletik: Music of the Soul (2013), Sat Yelov Jlumal: Faces of My People (2015) and U. Mother Moon (Liliana K’an, 2017). He has received grants from the National Fund for Culture and Arts, Young Creators, 2018; and the Program for the Stimulus of Creation and Artistic Development, PECDA-Chiapas, 2019. The publication of his first book of Tseltal-Spanish bilingual creative essays, Te Sututet Ixtabil / The Spinning of the Ball, is forthcoming in 2020 with the support of CONECULTA, 2020.


Facebook: Delmar Penka

Twitter: S0fes