Esfera Pública

[esferapública] is a forum where topics for discussion are being defined from the texts proposed by its affiliates and partners (artists, critics, curators, cultural producers, teachers) who reflect on artistic activity, institutional practices and events such as art rooms, biennials and independent and institutional curatoratorial endeavors. [esferapública] was founded by artist Jaime Iregui in 2000, who has since edited the portal, moderates discussions and is responsible for the editiorial focus, design and maintenance, organization and file holdings and strategies for dissemination of their content through mailing lists and social networks. Since its inception it has been proposed as an open space that has led to the involvement of different voices, some regularly since the beginning of this platform, as is the case of Carlos SalazarLucas Ospina, and Guillermo Vanegas; other periodically at different moments, such as Paul Batelli, Victor Albarracin, Mauricio Cruz, Catalina Vaughan, Gina Panzarowsky, Ricardo Arcos and Jorge Peñuela. Other contributions have occurred after an invitation to participate in a particular issues or specific debates: Antonio CaroWilliam VillamizarElkin RubianoJorge Sarmiento and Fernando Pertuz, among others.