INVASORIX is a queer/cuir feminist working group that produces songs, videos, DIY publications, tarot readings, and performances. They are presently stationed in Mexico City, on planet Earth.

On Earth, through constant dialog among them with their imaginary friends—Gloria Anzaldúa, Silvia Federici, bell hooks, Pedro Lemebel, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, María Sabina, Rita Laura Segato, Annie Sprinkle, etc.—and in collaborations with their real-life friends—Mariana Dávila “The Flavor Terrorist,” Dayra Fyha, Sonia Madrigal, Erandi Villavicencio, etc.—they question gender roles and the missions of artists, reflect on violence among the earthlings and against mother planet Earth, and envision alternative and/or utopian forms of being and existing.

Instagram: @invasorix

Facebook: invasorix