Lily Sandoval Panduro

Lily Sandoval Panduro - Sanken Yaká (San Rafael, Masisea, Ucayali, 1976) learned ceramic arts from her grandmother and her mother, ceramicist Dora Panduro Silvano - Chonon Besho. They taught her to draw the kené, a decorative, ritual and symbolic type of geometric drawing pertaining to the Shipibo-Konibo ethnicity. In 2009, she participated in Ruraq Maki, Hecho a Mano [Handmade], a noteworthy event hosted by the Peruvian government to promote research and sales of Peruvian handmade arts. In 2020 she was part of Barros del Qhapaq Ñan [Clays of the Ohapaq Ñan], a conference for Latin American ceramicists held in Pisac, Peru. In 2021, she participated in the two-person exhibition Universos paralelos: miradas del cosmos andino y amazónico desde la cerámica [Parallel Universes: Views of the Andean and Amazonian Cosmos through Ceramics] in Laboraleatorio Art Space, Lima.