Luisa Fuentes Guaza

Luisa Fuentes Guaza (Lorca, Spain, 1979) has a degree in Law and an MA in Intellectual Property. She is a curator and researcher specializing in artistic practices from Central America and neighborly relations with Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Puerto Rico. Currently, she is researching the underlying ideologies in crisis intervention projects in public spaces in Central America (1999-2015) using the tools of a researcher-performer. Author of USTEDES. NOSOTROS. Jóvenes Artistas Iberoamericanos [YOU. WE. Young Latin American artists] (Index Book, Barcelona, ​​2010); Mientras sea posible [While it is possible] (Jumex Foundation, Casa América and Casa del Lago, Mexico, 2010), Lenguajes contemporáneos desde Centro América [Contemporary Languages ​​from Central America] ​​(Turner, Madrid, 2013) and En Casa 2013: diálogo autónomos [At Home 2013: autonomous dialogue] (La Casa Encendida, Madrid , 2014).

She was a member of the selection committee of the CIFO 2012 Grants & Commissions Commission and Achievement Program Award Recipients (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Miami); is a contributor to ARTESUR, a project sponsored by the Maison de l'Amérique Latine (Paris), and is a collaborator with Independent Curator International (ICI.) Guaza is responsible for the “Solo Project” program (2010-2011) and the "individual creation, collective management" cycle at Casa America.

She was a member of the curatorial team of "El Ranchito" Matadero in Madrid (2010-2012), co-curator of the Panamanian selection for the Biennale of Visual Arts of Central America 2014 (BAVIC9), Guest Curator (2012-2013) at La Casa Encendida for the program “En Casa 2013: Diálogos autónomos”, was responsible for the cycle "Contemporary Languages ​​from Central America: New citizenship, public space as parliament" at the Faculty of Fine Arts I Madrid Complutense University and was co-curator of "Second Prize" exhibition project winner Calls TEOR/éTica 2014: Emergency / volcanic Contexts, housed in TEOR/éTica and Lado V (Costa Rica).