Lupe Álvarez

Lupe Álvarez has a degree in art history and is an art critic, a professor, and a researcher. She has been Director of Catálogo de Arte Contemporáneo Ecuatoriano and Director of Research for the art area of MAAC (Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo de Guayaquil). She was also curator of that institution during its first four years of existence.

Álvarez was the founder of the Theory of Artistic Culture program at the Faculty of Arts and Literature at Universidad de la Habana and professor until 1998. She was also professor of Aesthetics and Art Criticism at Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana.

Lupe Álvarez has taught at several universities in Ecuador where she currently resides, and serves as an art critic and independent curator. Founder of ITAE (Instituto Tecnológico de Artes del Ecuador), she has also served as Director of its Research Department.

She has been Curator of modern and contemporary art at Museo Municipal de Guayaquil, where she is responsible for the historical exhibitions Program. She has curated many exhibitions with local and international artists and has collaborated with several institutions, including TRAMA, Lugar a Dudas, Centro Cultural de España, SEASEX. MADC, Centro León, Guggenheim Museum and the Colección Patricia  Phelps de Cisneros, among others.

She has been a juror in national and international events, and her texts have appeared in catalogues, compilations, and several magazines, domestic and foreign.

Álvarez is currently a professor at the UARTES (Universidad de las Artes) and is a member of the Research Advisory Committee of that institution. She on the Committee for the New Curatorial Prize Mariano Aguilera.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2017