María Virginia Jaua

María Virginia Jaua is a Venezuelan-Mexican writer and editor who travels between Mexico City and Madrid. Jaua has developed and collaborated on many editorial projects related to art, literature, and culture in general. She was editor of the literary magazine Líneas de fuga—published by Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl—for more than ten years, and she directed the online magazine Salonkritk—on theory, criticism, and cultural analysis—from 2008 to 2016.

Jaua has published the novel Idea de la ceniza (Periférica, 2015), as well as the books El cristal se venga— textos, artículos e iluminaciones—de José Luis Brea (Jumex – RM, 2014) and México: ensayo de un mito (Iberdrola, 2016). In 2015, she produced with Roberto Riquelme the filmic essay 3_Eras, based on José Luis Brea’s book Las tres eras de la imagen (Akal, 2010)

In April 2016, Jaua founded Campo de relámpagos—a magazine on cultural criticism and image analysis—in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria Artium. This magazine not only addresses criticism but also artistic production, and aims to establish closer ties between Spain and Latin America.

Jaua teaches seminars, workshops, and conferences on art, writing, criticism, and image analysis. She is part of the work and research group Sorbonne Nouvelle: Écritures de la modernité. Jaua collaborates with diverse artists working in different modes of production and her reflection and work are centered on the intersection of disciplines