Paul Rosero Contreras

Paul Rosero Contreras is an Ecuadorian multimedia artist and researcher working on the intersection of experimental arts and natural sciences. His body of work explores topics related to geopolitics, environmental issues, interspecies reciprocity and experimentation on future sustainable settings. Usually going out on explorations to remote places, his projects include doses of speculative realism, scientific data and fictional narratives.

Rosero Conteras’s work has received different prizes and grants including the National Award for the Arts of Ecuador and the Paris Award at the 11th Cuenca Biennale, among others.

His work has been displayed widely in the form of audiovisual installations, short films, biological sculptures and public talks. He has taken part in major art events and venues such as the 57th Venice Biennale – Antarctic Pavilion, the 5th Moscow Biennale for Young Art, the 1st. Antarctic Biennale, the 1st. and 2nd Bienal Sur, the 11th. Cuenca Biennale, the Siggraph Conference in Los Angeles, the Musee Quai Branly in Paris, the Museo de Historia de Zaragoza, the H2 Center in Augsburg, the METQuito, among other spaces.

He lives in Quito – Ecuador and teaches at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Colegio de Comunicación y Arte, Universidad San Francisco de Quito /

Facebook: Paul Rosero Contreras

Instagram: @paulroseroc