Paula Pogré

A Cum Laude PhD graduate from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Paula has divided her time between research, teaching and management for the last 30 years. She is a Research Professor at the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, at the Universidad Nacional in Tierra del Fuego and Director of the Support Program for Education at the MERCOSUR (PASEM). 
She is International Consultant for the Ministry of Education of Ecuador and International Consultant in charge of draft curriculum revisions and strengthening teaching in universities in different countries: UISEK, Chile; Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala; UFRO Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco in Chile among others.
Between 1999 and 2010 she was a consultant of UNESCO IIEP Buenos Aires and OREALC UNESCO and member of the technical team of Regional Policy Programme for the Teaching Profession and Academic Coordinator of International Policy Course for the Teaching Profession OREALC UNESCO. 
Pogre is a founding member of L@titud-Harvard Project Zero-Initiative for Understanding and Development in Latin America; since 2001 she has been director of activities for L@titude, in South America. 
Among her publications: Las Instituciones de Formación Docente como centros de Innovación Pedagógica. (2001), Las escuelas del Futuro II Cómo planifican las escuelas que innovan (2002), Escuelas que enseñan a pensar (2004), Modelos innovadores en la Formación Inicial Docente (2006) UNESCO, Nuevos maestros para América Latina (2007) Morata, Madrid;  Formar docentes para la equidad (2007), Formar Docentes para la Equidad II (2010),  Indicadores de equidad en el acceso al conocimiento en la formación Docente (2014), among others.