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Camilo Echavarría

Camilo holds a B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University and a M.A. in Art History from Universidad de Antioquia. 

El Tigre Productions

The sibling team of artist/filmmaker/educator Jonathan and his filmmaker sister Elan Bogarín co-founded El Tigre Productions, a content strategy and production company.

Keyna Eleison

Keyna Eleison, Curator. Writer, researcher, heiress Griot and shaman, narrator, singer, ancient chronicler. 

Elektra KB

Elektra KB is a Latin American immigrant artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. 

Esfera Pública

[esferapública] is a forum where topics for discussion are being defined from the texts proposed by its affiliates and partners (artists, critics, curators, cultural producers, teachers) who reflect on artistic activity, institutional practices and events such as art rooms, biennials and independent and institutional curatoratorial endeavors. 

Ana Laura Espósito

Ana Laura Espósito is an art critic and dedicates her research and writing to contemporary art, with a special emphasis on artists from Latin America. 

Venuca Evanán Vivanco

Venuca Evanán Vivanco (Lima, 1987) is an artist and heir to the artistic traditions and expressions of the Sarhua community, and a member of the Asociación de Artistas Populares de Sarhua [Association of Sarhua Popular Artists] (ADAPS).