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Amira Saim

Amira Saim is a Venezuelan journalist specializing in fashion.

Carlos Salazar Lermont

Carlos Salazar Lermont (Caracas, 1987) is an artist and producer who specializes in performance art and works derived from action, and developed through photography, video, installation and intervention.

Adrienne Samos

An independent editor, curator, art critic, translator, and cultural manager based in her native country, Panama, she directs both Arpa (a non-profit organization promoting cultural manifestations) and Editorial Sarigua (a small publishing house specialized in literature and cultural studies).

Aixa Sánchez

Aixa Sanchez is a journalist, editor, manager, and researcher of contemporary art in Venezuela.

Julián Sánchez González

Julián Sánchez González is a New York-based researcher and writer currently pursuing a PhD in Art History at Columbia University. 

Carlos Sánchez Torrealba

With the artistic and artisanal heritage from his mother, father and grandparents, Sánchez Torrealba has been devoted to theater and singing, art, and communication since he was little.

Gil Sansón

Gil Sanson (Valencia, 1970) is a composer and artist. 

Allan Schwartzman

Allan Schwartzman is a Founder and Principal of Art Agency, Partners and Chairman, Co-Leader of the Fine Art Division of Sotheby's.

Elisa Silva

Elisa Silva is an architect with a Master's Degree in architecture from Harvard University (2002).

Graciela Silvestri

Graciela Silvestri, (Buenos Aires, 1954) has a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, and a PhD in History from the same university.

Irene Small

Irene V. Small teaches modern and contemporary art and criticism with a transnational focus at Princeton University. Her research interests include historical and neo-avant-gardes; modernism in a global context, particularly Brazil and Latin America; abstraction; temporalities of art; problems of methodology and interpretation; relationality and the social implications of form. She is an affiliated faculty member of the Program in Latin American Studies and the Program in Media and Modernity.

María Sosa

María Sosa was born in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. She studied art at Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo. 

Juan Souki

Juan Souki (Venezuela, 1980), is a director of contemporary theater, interested in new languages of drama, experience design, and multimedia.

Ela Spalding

Ela Spalding (Panama, 1982) is a cultural ecologist and artist who graduated in film and photography, with studies in dance and performance.

Felix Suazo

Felix Suazo (Havana, Cuba, 1966) is a professor, art critic, researcher and curator.