São Paulo, Brazil

May 13, 2014


D.O.M. I think that chef Alex Attala is among the best in the world. He's bright, charismatic, creative, elegant, adventurous, and a workaholic who loves challenges. His D.O.M. reflects his personality. We've been friends since he was a teenager and I was in my early twenties.


Street to Walk Down

O Elevado Costa e Silva, or better known by its nickname: Minhocão (big earthworm). This is the face of the ugly, unorganized São Paulo. The traffic lanes are closed to cars at night and on Sundays. I love being the last car to get in and driving very slowly along its 3.5 km, or walking on Sundays and looking at its mixed architecture and miserable reality.


Art Venue

Sala São Paulo and OSESP Symphony Orchestra and its choir. This is a comfortable place to hear the best composers, musicians, and conductors. The acoustics are excellent.


One Miscellaneous Pick of your choice

Galeria do Rock “The Rock Gallery” or Big Galleries. This is a big commercial center designed by architect Alfredo Mathias. Most of the businesses are music shops, and all genres are included: from rap and hip-hop to hardcore and punk, black music, and samba. There are also fashion shops for skaters and surfers, along with hairdressers for all styles: from black power to punk.