Announcement of Exhibition at Hunter College

January 1, 2018
Works from the CPPC’s collection of contemporary art will be the subject of an exhibition created in partnership with Hunter College. The show will be on view at their 205 Hudson Street Gallery in early 2018. This exhibition marks the first time a substantial grouping of works from the CPPC’s contemporary collection will be on view, and it will be created as part of a two semester curatorial certificate course taught by Professor Harper Montgomery, Assistant Professor of Latin American Art at Hunter College.
The exhibition of contemporary Latin American art will be the culmination of Professor Montgomery’s curatorial course. During the first semester, students will develop a curatorial proposal and checklist of works that relate to a keystone work chosen by Professor Montgomery. The second semester will focus on researching the selected works and creating the exhibition. The Hunter students will have access to the CPPC’s contemporary collection so that they can see in person the works they are researching and considering for inclusion in the show.
The course and exhibition will address the issue of “the location of culture”—the postcolonial discursive field identified by Homi Bhabha and others—by considering how it plays out in contemporary practice by artists making art in, about, and around the region that we call Latin America. In the course and in the curatorial plan, the terms “location” and “culture” will be interrogated broadly, indicating, among other qualities, materiality, translation, traces of history, modes of imagining the landscape, and methods of anthropology.
This course and exhibition are a continuation of the CPPC’s collaboration with Hunter college. In 2011 the FC/CPPC and Hunter College began a partnership which created the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Professorship in Latin American Art, makes the works in the CPPC available to students for study, and brings visiting artists and scholars to Hunter’s campus for studio visits and lectures.