Arte en contexto: Session #2 at Centro de Arte Los Galpones

October 5, 2017

"Artists' Residencies: Venezuelans in the exterior"


October 5, 2017
4:00 to 6:00 pm
Centro de Arte Los Galpones
Galpón 17

Free Admission

This session will be livestreamed. Please visit the FB page of Los Galpones for more information.


Fundación Cisneros/Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros invites the public to the second session of Arte en contexto [Art in Context]: Artists’ Residencies, Venezuelans abroad.  The public will get to know the processes and experiences of artists and researchers who have traveled and/or worked remotely in artists’ residencies outside Venezuela. In this sense, we will learn how these international opportunities contribute to the mobility of artists and other culture professionals while facilitating the expansion of networks in the artistic field through the dynamics of coexistence, formation, creation, and mediation.

The programmed activity will have two parts: part one will feature curator and researcher Aixa Sánchez along with the artists Esmelyn Miranda, Alberto Morreo, Dulce Gómez, and María Bilbao; the second part consists of a virtual session where we will learn from the proposals of Suwon Lee, Lucia Pizzani, Raily Yance, Miguel Braceli, Armando Rosales, Ana Mosquera, Osacar Abraham Pabón, and Diana Rangel.


  • María Bilbao (Lives and works in Venezuela)
  • Diana Rangel (Lives and works in Spain)
  • Miguel Braceli (Lives and works in Spain)
  • Dulce Gómez (Lives and works in Venezuela)
  • Suwon Lee (Lives and works in Panama)
  • Esmelyn Miranda (Lives and works in Venezuela)
  • Ana Mosquera (Lives and works in Peru)
  • Oscar Abraham Pabón (Lives and works in Spain)
  • Lucía Pizzani (Lives and works in the UK)
  • Armando Rosales (Lives and works in Mexico)
  • Aixa Sánchez (Lives and works in Venezuela)
  • Raily Yance (Lives and works in Venezuela)