The CPPC Answers the Question, “Where can I see the collection?”

October 20, 2014

One of the questions we are most often asked at the CPPC is about where the collection may be seen. There has never been an easy answer to this. The CPPC concluded long ago that a static museum devoted to its holdings was contrary to its mission to make the works available to the widest possible audience and to build an understanding of Latin American art and culture within a global context. Therefore, there is not, nor will there be, a “Cisneros Museum” where the collection will be on view.

What we do instead is to maintain a liberal and highly active lending program. At the moment, for example, we have 129 works out on loan out to 13 institutions—and now you can see their location on the interactive map we’ve developed to help you follow the collection as it travels the globe. Should you not be near enough to a particular gallery or museum to see the works in person, you can easily see an on-screen image of what’s on loan. The map presents you with a world view that you can zoom in on into a street view. Mousing over a specific location will identify the institution, the name of the show, and the number of works from the collection on loan. Clicking on the location will bring you to a slide show of the works. It’s that easy to follow the collection as it travels the globe!

View the Loan Map