Partner Institutions and Recipients of CPPC's 2014 Grants Program

October 23, 2014

As part of its mission to advance scholarship of Latin American art, and to promote formative educational experiences and excellence in the art field, the CPPC strategically partners with organizations to support curatorial research, artistic production, and professional development.

In collaboration with Independent Curators International (New York, USA) the CPPC granted María Elena Ortiz, a Miami-based Puerto Rican curator, the third CPPC Travel Award for Central America and the Caribbean. The award supports a contemporary art curator based anywhere in the world to travel to Central America and the Caribbean to conduct research related to art and cultural activities, generating new collaborations with artists, curators, museums, and cultural centers within regional networks. Mexican curator Pablo León de la Barra and and Dutch curator Remco de Blaaij have been granted the award in the past. 

In 2012, the CPPC expanded its grants program to support independent art spaces in Latin America. Those organizations have included Al Borde (Maracaibo, Venezuela), Lugar a Dudas (Cali, Colombia), and SOMA (Mexico City, Mexico), all artist-run spaces. In 2014, the CPPC continues this initiative by offering a two-year unrestricted grant to Flora (Bogotá, Colombia) and TEOR/ética (San José, Costa Rica). This year, the CPPC also teamed with SOMA to provide a grant for tuition and living to a Venezuelan artist participating in the art school's program SOMA Summer. The grant was awarded to artist Violette Bule.

As part of the emerging artists’ exhibition Jóvenes con FIA in Caracas, Venezuela, the CPPC awarded the Venezuelan artists’ duo Fabio Bonfanti and Raily Yance with a cultural immersion trip to São Paulo, Brazil hosted by the independent art space Pivô. This first edition of the CPPC Artist Fellowship at Pivô will take place in November 2014. It is designed to promote artistic exchange, cultural understanding, and social interactions that link art communities while providing professional development to Venezuelan artists.

The CPPC continued its partnership with Centro León (Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic) to offer a travel grant to a participating artist of the bi-annual Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes. This year, the award was granted to Andrés Farías, who will make a cultural immersion trip to Caracas, Venezuela on the occasion of the upcoming Seminario Fundación Cisneros, Acts of Learning, taking place November 7-14, 2014.

As in the past, the CPPC will sponsor the attendance of contemporary visual art professionals from emerging and developing economies to CIMAM’s Annual Conference, the forthcoming edition of which, “Museums in Progress: Public interest, private resources,” will take place in Doha, Qatar.

All of the above-mentioned organizations develop innovative and visionary programs, simultaneously creating formative, production-oriented or exhibition-related opportunities for artists, scholars and curators and, in some cases, opportunities for the general public to experience and learn about contemporary art and culture.