Wikiarte Edit-a-thon in Caracas

November 11, 2016

Academia Wayra de Venezuela
Piso 6, Torre Xerox
Avenida Ávila
Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

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Friday, November 11, 2016
10:00 am–6:00 pm

On Friday, November 11th, the CPPC is collaborating with The Academia Wayra de Venezuela to host a Wikipedia edit-a-thon (#WikiArte) for Latin American and Latino art and culture. Its purpose is to provide an introduction to Wikipedia and to gather together a group of people to spend a fun and educational day together socializing and adding to Wikipedia's store of knowledge about Latin American art as we learn how to edit, create, and translate articles about Latin American art. No experience is needed as training sessions and resources will be provided. 


  • Important: please bring your own portable device (laptop, tablet). Two people may share a device if necessary. In addition, work groups can be formed with one person editing at a time while the others are researching.
  • Please open a Wikipedia account prior to the event. You may do so here.
  • Availability of time and dedication to support the project

We will use #Wikiarte to mark each Wikipedia contribution as well as on social media. 

Admission to the edit-a-thon is free, but please do RSVP.