Workshop: Telling the Image

November 1, 2016 to November 3, 2016

Three-day workshop on the relationship between visual image and textuality in the context of the exhibition or publication of a visual work.

November 1–3, 2016

Organización Nelson Garrido (ONG)
Residencias Carmencita, Apto5
Av. María Teresa Toro (a 6 cuadras del metro Los Símbolos, paralelo a la Av. Victoria) 
Las Acacias
Caracas, Venezuela

Motivation: In the framework of the 2016 Seminario Fundación Cisneros Show & Tell (2016), we are introduced the problem of representing the visual image in words and the experience this may mean for the curatorship of a work, as well as its justification in the world of art. From avant-garde and conceptual art, the visual image has had a particularly ambiguous relationship with the word. On the one hand, art tends to abandon all extrinsic speech and to exist as its own discourse. But on the other hand, this necessity has forced it to resort to further explanations and justifications, which requires textual discourse. In turn, the text also confronts the problem of knowing what it speaks of when it talks about "the visual" since they are different discourses. The question underlying this workshop, then, is: is the visual translatable into words, can words truly account for the visual? How can it be done? We will use photography and technical images in general as a paradigm of this problem because, in the "closeness" of its representation with the real, it takes the question to its limit.

Objective: To ensure that artists, critics, artists and theorists of the visual field, curators and the general public have a better understanding of what it means to explain a work and present it for dissemination.

Outline: A theoretical session (4 hours), with examples and cases, and a discussion session on the results of the workshop (4 hours), which include the drafting of a short text explaining a work, real or fictitious, in the context an exhibition or a publication. All of this is focused on the material of those artists invited to the Seminario Fundación Cisneros.

Workshop leader: Erik Del Bufalo

The Fundación Cisneros will grant 12 places for this workshop.
To apply for a place, please send an email to with the subject " Beca taller Decir la Imagen / (Participant’s Name)" with the following documents attached:

  • CV
  • Portfolio (if you are an artist)-Letter / Essay between 400 and 800 words explaining why you are interested in attending this workshop.

The deadline to apply is 12pm Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Photo by Carles Poy