Art and Ideas from Latin America

Hélio Oiticica's Painting 9

Painting 9 is a major work by artist Hélio Oiticica. It was made in 1959, at a pivotal moment for a new and quintessentially Brazilian form of modernism... More


The Cisneros Institute has announced the awardees of its inaugural Fellowships and Grants Program. With the goal of stimulating diverse methodologies to study art, the Fellowships and Grants Program supports new research on the art of Latin America produced by scholars, curators, and artists. More


Repoliticizing Modernity: Military Spectacles in Venezuela

Excerpted from her book Spectacular Modernity, Lisa Blackmore’s statement posits that the political, social, and cultural forces that converged to create Venezuela’s “modern spirit” in the mid-20th century unfolded as a spectacle, revealing the spaces, practices, and aspects of life comprising the combined aesthetic and political agenda of its power relations. More

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