Art and Ideas from Latin America

Repoliticizing Modernity: Military Spectacles in Venezuela

Excerpted from her book Spectacular Modernity, Lisa Blackmore’s statement posits that the political, social, and cultural forces that converged to create Venezuela’s “modern spirit” in the mid-20th century unfolded as a spectacle, revealing the spaces, practices, and aspects of life comprising the combined aesthetic and political agenda of its power relations. More

Hércules Barsotti's Ink Drawings

Twelve ink drawings by Hércules Barsotti explore a radical geometry and a systematic mode of working that, already in 1960, point to a new mode of working for the Brazilian artist... More

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Breaking the Frame

Zanna Gilbert, from the Getty Research Institute, and Pia Gottschaller, from the Getty Conservation Institute, demonstrate how Argentine artists working in the 1940s broke the tradition of painting-as-window with shaped paintings (marcos recortados) and works that even pushed beyond the wall to blur the boundary between sculpture and painting. Watch Video

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The Challenge of a Straight Line

Pia Gottschaller, from the Getty Conservation Institute, explains the challenge that Concrete artists from Brazil and Argentina faced in making the perfectly straight lines that characterize their work. Three main methods—straight edge, ruling pen, and self-adhesive tape—all leave tell-tale traces, observable through microscopy or even by the naked eye. Watch Video

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