Carlos Cruz-Diez in conversation with / en conversación con Ariel Jiménez

Carlos Cruz-Diez in conversation with/en conversación con Ariel Jiménez distills over three decades of wide-ranging conversations between preeminent Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and then FC/CPPC Chief Curator Ariel Jiménez. A pioneer in color theory and perception, Cruz-Diez and such artists as Alejandro Otero and Jesús Rafael Soto launched the abstract movements that placed Venezuelan art among the international avant-garde during the 1950s.

Born in Venezuela in 1923, Cruz-Diez traveled in Western Europe throughout the 1950s, absorbing Bauhaus color theory and trends in geometric abstraction. He returned to Venezuela in 1957 to help initiate a massive wave of experimentation in Abstract, Concrete, Op and Kinetic art. He continues to pursue his interest in the relationship between color and perception in installations, environments and public sculptures.

The digital version of this title brings Cruz-Diez’s kinetic works to life through animations and videos: anecdotes are enriched with slideshow images from Cruz-Diez’s personal life, while technical and behind-the-scenes videos give an insight into the physical processes and machines used by Cruz-Diez in the creation of work.

About  the author:
Ariel Jiménez
was the Curator (1998–2000) and Chief Curator (2000–2011) of the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, and Director (2004–2006) and Curator (2006–2011) of the Fundación de Arte Moderno Jesús Soto in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. He has researched and written extensively about modern and contemporary art in Latin America.

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